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The first step: Step Model picture: front Subdivision third step: the left side of the partition Step 4: After part of the region Step Five: Step Six on the right partition: by the middle of the 90-degree edge level, the incision closed section Seven Steps: Follow the right part of the first type trim Step eight: pulling the left side of each piece hair piece out of sheet-oriented trim Step 9: trimming the outside Step 10: The human hair full lace wigs piece above 45 degrees to cut weight off line section to do a little pruning pulling tenth step: the left part of the same thing to step down human hair lace front wigs to the twelfth: 45 degrees in front of the ear portion trim level step forward edge 13: All fixed wire pulled up to the rest of the first wire fourth step: the right anterior part by the degradation of the ear position slip shear Trim Wire Step 15: Pull up to the rest of the wire trim sixteenth step: top hair pulled to the right edge behind the connection level, reserved front Length Step 17: Final shape.

Ombre human hair extensions: Volume fluffy headband mix colors: Linen Gold human hair half wigs Highlights: tail length: short face: egg-shaped, round, elongated, oval face, square cardiac index: ★★★★★ within the tail to Alice, the entire face lift, neck appear slender. Details: bold increase in the volume of bobo head fluffy bangs in volume filled with a sweet flavor, while the short length of the neck, elongated neck lines, increase women's elegant taste. Hair: Alice tail headband mix colors: coffee, gold cheap human hair extensions Highlights: tail length: short face: egg-shaped, round, oval, long type cardiac index: ★★★★ ☆ important to note that, in the summer The sun is large, to prevent virgin human hair damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Details: side show a large degree of curvature "C" shaped, modified face outside, its broken hair short bangs have also increased the eyes, forehead to cover up defects, and other advantages match a little curly human hair ornaments also look cute and moving. Source: Ha Show Fashion Network.

Dye simultaneously shape is more perfect? Do not be fooled human hair toppers stylist, hair perm will be together. Really good hairdresser will not recommend this to you. Just burns haired man, best to wait a month and then carry out the human hair half wigs, otherwise it will increase the burden of heavy hair and perm will make hair dye potion effect halved! To distribute on hair spray perfume scent of a woman virgin human hair? Everybody wants to have a fragrance flowing hair? Therefore, spraying perfume on his head, not knowing that the result will be counterproductive. Perfumes containing alcohol, if volatile, the hair of moisture will be taken away, with her hair dries as a cost in exchange for "tasty" human hair wig prices, definitely not worth the candle! Forced eradication of dandruff human hair wigs cheap? Attempt to exterminate dandruff in the shortest time? By the end of the comb scraping the scalp dandruff can indeed be temporarily cleared away, but you know that horny scalp flaking will therefore, make your scalp is greatly damage!

1 level in the brain bone partition, pull out the hair straight, cut the angle you want to partition the next 2 to begin radiation outward from the original partition, straight human hair dread extensions is pulled out, and according to each partition boot trim 3 gradually becomes more oblique, but who will follow from the angle becomes larger 4 here when we close the ears, almost level this partition, and then move laterally hair partition 5 continue to use cheap human hair extensions propelled laterally curved partitions do. 6 Continue to work with curved partitions, so that the potential long curly human hair was made up, and then down, so they can keep the weight and hair and other side-prone areas in the same way together 7 trim, while gradually increasing the promotion of each new partition From the angle and hold back the origin 8 human hair lace front wigs with a hair dryer, and keep it natural, smooth side 9 prone areas cut their ombre human hair extensions to have texture, cut up to 5 cm 10 cross-checking and refinement appearance complete.